Does the Chinese Cloud Program Really Work?

A very advanced Chinese teaching system for Bilingualism that combines the best of what Chinese and English are capable of producing is the Chinese Cloud Program. This program was developed by Dr. Huang Xi and his team at Tsinghua University. The main objective of this program is to produce Mandarin speakers who can read and write well in both languages.


Unlike other Bilingual English/Chinese systems, the Chinese Cloud Program does not use an underlying language such as French, German, or Spanish. In order to learn English and Chinese, you need to be exposed to languages that have some vocabulary shared with English and Chinese, such as French, German, Spanish, or Russian.

The way how the Chinese Cloud Program works is by training your brain to make it easier to understand the sounds of words and make it sound pronunciation friendly. It’s really more of a method of categorizing words into clusters, which will allow you to identify specific categories of sounds.

With the Chinese Cloud Program, the program teaches its students to identify each sound of the English word. They also use the same method to recognize the correct pronunciation of Mandarin words. In this way, the learners get their fundamental Chinese education without having to be limited to one country’s standards.

The program was actually designed with a unique hybrid structure. First, the new learners are introduced to the basics of Chinese in the beginning stages, where they are taught conversational Mandarin.


Once they master conversational Mandarin, they then proceed to the next stage of the learning process, where they start learning grammar rules. To help the learners improve their reading and writing skills, the program includes many different Chinese learning software tools and CDs. As the students learn the English language as well as Chinese, they have access to tools to improve their reading comprehension skills as well as writing skills.

Many students have praised the effectiveness of these learning methods, especially when compared to other language learning methods. These tools have actually helped a lot of students to be able to achieve fluency in their mother tongue and speak English fluently as well.

In the last few years, the Internet has been flooded with many courses that claim to give students the same benefits that the Chinese Cloud Program has given to its students. But there are actually no other ways that can offer the same comprehensive English and Chinese language training as the Chinese Cloud Program can.

Students who learn English and Chinese in this way can expand their horizons to include the global community. Besides, because of the integrated learning tool of the program, it can help them develop a strong foundation in both languages that can eventually boost their English and Chinese speaking skills.

After achieving fluency in either language, students can go on to practice speaking in a comfortable learning environment that they find easier to do. This is a very good way to immerse themselves with another culture and society.


We live in a very complex society, so it is always important to learn more about the language we’re talking about. With this, the Chinese Cloud Program is highly recommended by most people, especially those who want to become fluent in two languages, the English and Chinese.

In conclusion, because of the Chinese Cloud Program, more people have started to learn English and Chinese through the immersion learning process. They are also getting exposure to the Chinese culture and the language from Chinese Cloud Program sessions, especially when they are allowed to visit a Chinese university and attend the biannual sessions.

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